Business Continuity during Covid -19 Crisis

With the rampant spread of COVID-19 across the United States, businesses are facing tremendous challenges in keeping their Business continuity process working.

MITI can support you to deal with business continuity management and ensure all your mission critical processes run as usual.

How can Miti help ?

At this critical time actions required for addressing business continuity impacts are paramount. Miti can help in minimizing business disruption and protecting the employees, organizations by assessing, evaluating, recommending and implementing key steps within 24 hours.

Miti’s expertise includes Business continuity management, consulting and providing support and shadow teams and collaborative partnership in the following key areas:

On-call support centers, ready to start


Identifying and setting up a domestic and offshore support structure  (Level 0 call center) with a fully trained and ready to start workforce

Shadow teams for contingency needs


Experienced IT Application developers, Architects, Project Managers, Quality Analysts, Subject Matter Experts, Cloud and Infrastructure engineers, Cybersecurity experts, are available for immediate onboarding, on part time, full time and limited period assignments

Teams for


Full-fledged teams for development, management, maintenance and support of projects in the area of ServiceNow, Dell Boomi, Cloud  (AWS/Azure) administration, management.

In addition, Miti also offers its proven capabilities in supporting Digital transformation projects, Data management, Cloud migration and related technologies.

What does Miti’s Covid Response plan include :

Assess your current infrastructure and needs :

Miti will analyze within 24 hours,  your current technology infrastructure and human resource capabilities and your ability to scale out internally, including your need for a shadow and collaborative support structure. Miti can evaluate and identify how you can leverage existing teams and tools for optimal utilization and recommend alternatives that can be implemented with little or no downtime.

Miti can scale your collaboration capabilities as well as your workforce augmentation process by offering existing Miti processes and expertise and also identity key collaborative partners who can assist our customers in addressing their unique requirements.

What next?

Please feel free to reach out to us at or call our Special response number at (609) 642-1632.

Miti representatives are at hand to discuss your needs and how we may address them.

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