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Our approach to testing ensures an optimal environment for our clients to address all the major testing challenges and achieve enhanced results.


Test Earlier (E) – Think Earlier - We can participate in testing right from the early stages of SDLC whether it is waterfall, iterative or agile in a fungible model.

Test Smarter (S) – Adopt Accelerators - Adopt test automation concepts using right tools and frameworks; whether the need is to do regression automation in a waterfall situation, building automation stack keeping pace with iterations or an N-1 iteration test automation delivery for sprints in case of agile; adapt domain specific reusable test suites.

Test in Parallel (P) – Plan and Multi-task - Initiate test design activities as early in the SDLC as possible so as to be ready for testing right when code drop happens.


ESP Testing lowers the risk of failures, detects defects earlier in software development life-cycle and helps companies achieve enhanced testing efficiency, precision and reduced costs. It uses a combination of experienced technical consultants, mature processes and robust testing methodology. Our ESP testing services offers services in various testing areas including Functional & Regression, Test Automation, SOA testing, Security testing and Cloud testing. We also offer Mobility testing services.

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